welcome to Ceramika Babci

Ceramika Babci means “Grandmother’s Pottery” in Polish. Poland has long been noted for its artisan pottery. Beautiful designs in flowers and folk painting representative of Poland are created on fine stoneware by gifted artists in Poland. Our family is proud of its Polish descent and traditions. We are excited to share with you the finest treasures from Poland and Eastern Europe.

Browse through our beautiful, hand painted pottery. Don’t forget to look at the gorgeous Polish Folk Art as well. Amazing, colorful and traditional pieces created by artists in the Polish/Eastern European Style. We carry items which bring that tradition to you wherever you might be, such as aprons, towels, tablecloths, cookbooks and more. We will always have new recipes to share with you just for fun, so we hope you will stop by often.

Enjoy yourself and stay for a while. Browse around and see how happy all these flowers, patterns and colors make you feel. We hope you’ll bring some into your home through our store.

Dziękujemy za zakupy z nami. Thank you for shopping with us.