For anything and everything related to asbestos, we have the solution. From surveys and inspections through to air monitoring, sample analysis and asbestos management plans, we know how to get the job done properly and in good time. Our services include:

Asbestos Surveys & Registers

We specialise in providing a complete service to ensure that all our clients have in place the relevant reports, registers and management plans to allow them to comply with current Workplace Health & Safety Legislation.We are able to provide various and comprehensive asbestos surveys for the identification of suspected Asbestos Containing Materials, which are based on the following types of survey, and include for the collection of samples as required.

Comprehensive Site Reports

As part of any site survey or assessment for the presence of suspected Asbestos Containing Materials, and subsequent confirmation of materials by analysis, our reporting system encompasses all the key elements.  These have been established to safeguard the quality and consistency of reports were maintained, whilst also ensuring all reports were provided efficiently.

Asbestos Management Plans (AMP’s)

Site Specific AMPs:In addition to the site specific surveys reports and asbestos registers, the reporting system in place and used by SSS, also allows us and when requested by our clients, to produce a site specific Asbestos Management Plan (AMP).

Domestic Property Asbestos Surveys

Do you need a survey?

Whilst the existing requirements for Workplace Health & Safety compliance and legislation do not require domestic property holders to have in place Asbestos Containing Materials surveys or registers, Safe Surveying Services are able to offer this service.  Having an asbestos register or testing results available prior to the following situations, will in conjunction with other control measures identified, assist in reducing the risk of asbestos exposure to all occupants of the premises, including owners, tenants, children and contractors alike.

Asbestos Awareness Training

Further to the completion of asbestos surveys and collation of detailed site asbestos registers, the complexities often associated with the ongoing management of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’S) may well highlight that the PCBU responsible for commercial properties identifies a requirement for additional training.